Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Though the work is very different, I thought Sugiura Yasuyoshi's interest in realism and subversion/transformation of materials related to Kristen's exploration of soap carving.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Material Accumulation

We already looked at the work of several artists who use accumulation and repetition to transform our understanding of a material (or re-Present it to us in a new way), or where the accumulation of material over time has strong metaphoric significance. Here are a few more examples:

 A traditional nkisi figure (Congo), 19th century:

Coins nailed to a Washya Dyo or Danteshwori shrine in Kathmandu (to alleviate toothaches)

Pipe Cleaner sculptures of Trevor and Ryan Oakes:

The work of Lauren Clay:

 Judy Colella:

Olivia Lee:

 and the work of Petah Coyne:

Shinique Smith,

Emily Nachison,

and Marjolein Dalinga: