Thursday, March 28, 2013

Washington DC Field Trip

We will be going to Washington DC for a field trip on Thursday, April 25th. We will meet at the Main Building at 8:45 and walk to Penn Station to catch the MARC train. Tickets will be provided for you, but please bring money for lunch or a brown bag meal. We will be back on campus close to 5pm. Please wear layers and comfortable shoes.

Before we go on our travels, please take a look at the exhibitions on view at the major museums around the National Mall where we will be spending our day. You will be free to go to the exhibits you deem most interesting and worthwhile. You will receive a map of the National Mall on the way to DC.

Museum of American Art

National Gallery of Art
Luminous Intervention

Cause Company // Get Strolled at Transmodern 2009

Partner Sites for Safe Space Project

We have received responses from three organizations that would be willing to work with  their youth in responding to your prompt. These are Jubilee Arts (Left), Midtown Academy Public Charter School (Right) and the Refugee Youth Project (link here.)

Archive of Socially Engaged Art Practices

For more examples of socially engaged art projects, visit the Creative Time archive here: