Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chris In-uh-ho-suh

Duane Michals
Duane Michals

Nicolas Nixon

Rebbeca Horn



Duane Michals

Here a few images I found inspiring. Im so excited to start this series of work. Hopefully these images will work themselves into a cohesion for you guys lol, they seem so random. I look forward to everyone's work have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

100 Minutes with Sarah Brousseau

So as I said in class, I went for a round about walk to the Station Building and after arriving the Station Building I realized I rushed to get there, and didn't care or pay attention to how I got there. I realized that I worry too much about getting to a specific place, and getting there as quickly as possible. So I retraced my steps, from Station to Main, and paid attention, seeing things in my environment. And here is my little poem about what I saw and thought:

I have to consciously tell myself to slow down.

Even slow my thoughts down.

Time shouldn’t matter.

Waiting to cross North Ave. the wind whips my face,

it’s so raw against my skin.

I see red roses, they remind me of Jan.

I see an uprooted plant, laying over on its side.

I notice the houses, but don’t think much of them.

I think I see coffee grounds in someones garden.

I touch them, I smell them.

I still can’t tell.

I see a rotted out tree with a plant growing inside.

It’s the earth living in the earth.

I wish I could record my thoughts.

They travel so quickly, I can’t capture them.

My fingers are frozen, gripping my journal.

I see a road behind Main.

It looks scary, but I go anyways.

I try to walk on the sidewalk, but it has trees and telephone poles taking up the space.

I guess it’s simply a space between a wall and a road.

I see people walking through my path.

People carrying giant triangles and singing.

I have a red hand to cross the street, I go anyways.

I don’t stop for cars, and they don’t stop for me.

It’s like an unforgiving relationship, we both hate each other.

A guy just put a cigar in the cigarette butt trash,

it’s still smoldering.

Everyone is in Decker... I don’t want to be near them.

I’m having fun by myself.

The cigar guy is in front of me and he smells like smoke.

Where is there an empty?

Writing this I still feel rushed.

And here are some photos from today! Enjoy :)




Pictures that inspire me! Sophie Stoerkel

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Visceral/Body

Chris had mentioned Olivier de Sagazan in class. I was looking at the work and noticing a similarity with the work of Jan Svankmajer and clear correlations with the work of JJ McCracken.
Jan Svankmajer's Dimensions of Dialogue stop motion film.
JJ McCracken's Hunger performance

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rubia, Thursday, December 8, 7-9pm Main 110

Greetings All ,
The non profit organization Rubia will be visiting our campus on December 8 to talk about their work with women in Afghanistan.

From their website:

Rubia’s programs address poverty through livelihoods, education, and health.

Named for a red root used to dye yarn, Rubia is creating new traditions in textiles by translating the heritage and skills of Afghan women into sustainable livelihoods.

All aspects of the development and implementation of Rubia’s programs are rooted Afghanistan, using community members at all levels to help build the economy and capacity in their home region.

Embroidery is the heart and soul of traditional Afghan textiles.

Traditionally, embroidery has been women’s handwork, done at home, between domestic chores, to enhance their surroundings. Rubia integrates these traditional elements with the new benefit of earning an income while maintaining fragile elements of their textile heritage: plant dyes, natural fibers, and designs drawn from ancient Afghan tribal patterns.

Sew Don’t Grow

Alternative livelihoods are the key to Afghanistan’s social and economic recovery. Subsistence farmers who had supported their families with poppy cultivation are now seeking other means of economic empowerment. Poppy flowers and other designs embroidered by women in the valley of Darrai Noor provide a legitimate source of income, a new tradition in textiles.

Here is the flyer:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TODAY!!! Fundraiser for the United Way of Maryland!

I just received this call for work f
rom one of my former students. The work will be sold to raise funds for the United Way of Maryland. Money will be used to provide Thanksgiving Day meals for families in need. The work is due by 5pm on Thursday (wwaaaah! TODAY) in the office of student activities.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kelly Dobson, Wed Nov 9 at 7 / Falvey

Artist and engineer Kelly Dobson will present her work in the realms of technology, medicine, and culture. Dobson is the department head of the digital/media program at the Rhode Island School of Design, and her areas of investigation include voice, identity, prosthetic social extensions, public performance, re-appropriation of domestic appliances, new materials innovations, and companion machines. Dobson explores the relationship between people and machines, and is developing a method of personal, societal, and psychoanalytical engagement termed “Machine Therapy,” a response to the overwhelmingly pervasive effects of machines in everyday life. For more information, visit her website here.