Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ann Hamilton Video Links

Sorry about the technical difficulties, guys. I've included my trimmed versions of the videos I was going to show in class & the links to their full versions on the PBS/Art21 website. Unfortunately, I can't post the soundtrack from Mantle on this site though.

link to "ghost...a border act" (49 seconds) & "reserve," "abc" & "lineament" (1 minute 18 seconds)

link to "face to face" photographs (51 seconds) & "myein" installation in venice (1 minute 20 seconds)

Ghost...A Border Act (21 seconds)

Myein (19 seconds)

ABC (14 seconds)

Lineament (29 seconds)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maryland's state flower is Rudbeckia hirta, the black-eyed susan. Maryland's state tree is Quercus alba, the white oak.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Local, Vegetarian Meals Come to City Schools

I signed the petition for this at the DC Veg Fest a few weeks ago!,0,1379910.story


Friday, October 16, 2009


Greetings Folks!
I was trying to time my pick-up and drop off with your exit from Art Matters! Apparently I just missed some of you. Know that I picked up the new journals, and dropped off the ones left for me this week.
Have a SUPER break!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Upcoming Events

Glitterama! This Saturday!

The King of Kitsch, your well-greased host, Greggy Glitterati, brings you both the beauteous and the nutty in an evening of wonderment. The luscious Lena Grove of Gilded Lily. The titillating boylesque of Paco Fish. The socially-conscious puppetry of Sibelius and The Cause Company. Comedic burlesque babe, Ms. Shortstax. The death-defying trapeze of Nicollete Le Fay. Ms Malibu, the fiery mistress of Tiny Hats! The Living Balloons of the immaculate Poptarts! And laying the beats beneath the bumps, DJ Wachsentush!

2 Shows! 7 & 10pm.
Photo of Event or Program Item

Sat Oct 17 2 Shows! 7 & 10pm.
$12, $10 mbrs. adv tix sug.

Michael Bell-Smith

Wednesday, October 21st

Falvey Hall, Brown Center


Michael Bell-Smith’s minimal computer animations present, abstracted forms, celestial bodies and vast endless cityscapes that flow across the screen like the backdrops of early arcade games. With a nod towards art-historical developments in painting (perspectival systems) and cinema (the tracking shot, motion control systems), Bell-Smith applies the austere logic of digital media to landscape representation with starkly different effect. Where these early special effects were employed most often to render a world in accord with our senses, Bell-Smith’s work is pared down to a point where the basic contemporary languages of computer graphics and urban planning intersect, resulting in an image of a world where the familiar becomes alien.

Michael Bell-Smith’s lecture is presented by MICA’s Video and Film Arts Department.

Monday, October 12, 2009

i look at art.
my friend just made this video and i thought it was interesting and just have to share with yall
People of the Elements: What do you do to cheer yourself up? or others?


I look at the sky and smile. smile for love, friendship, and beauty I smile for kittens. I also just do something. keep my mind busy or attack the problem and give it all I got. i just say "this is all I can do...." it's fun

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I was reading the "Brain Games" article that Valeska gave us last week & I realized that Fox's TV show "House" is probably based largely on Dr. Vilayanur S. Ramachandran (the subject of "Brain Games"). In fact, a recent episode features the Dr. House character curing an amputee of phantom limb pain using the technique developed by Ramachandran and discussed in the article. The episode is most likely posted on Fox's website if you're interested in watching.

FOOD NOT BOMBS and other associated things.

Hello elements of visual thinking, i just had a life changing/ super inspirational moment last night and feel very compelled to share it with you. At OK Natural health food store i pumped into a man who was buying twenty pounds of tofu and 4 pounds of tahini, he introduced himself as Keith McHenery, the founder of Food Not Bombs. If you do not know Food not Bombs let me inform you it is the fastest growing peaceful revolutionary movement in North America it has a more than a thousand independently run Food not Bomb chapters throughout the world. The goal or mission of the organization is to use dumped or donated food to cook vegetarian and vegan meals which in turn are served to the homeless and needy. It is amazing but for some reason the government is against handing out Food to homeless people, so this peaceful organization is on americas Terrorists watch, Keith Mchenrey, the founder has over 50 felonies and all he has done is serve free food to people around the world, he is actually on Americas top 100 terrorist list. The organization has expanded to create bikes not bombs, homes not jails, and lawns not bombs. The founder spoke at Red Emmas' last night. If you want any more information about the baltimore food not bombs or the organization its self please contact me at

Friday, October 9, 2009

Meat Clothing

More Inspiration

Royal de Luxe!

Breathtaking and unbelievable. Royal de Luxe has been appearing in various cities around the world throughout the past few years. Here are images from their most recent performance in Berlin (see link below).

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A few reflections on walking a line, traveling through the city, experiencing spaces, encountering its inhabitants, mapping and building a sense of place.

It is not given to every (wo)man to take a bath of multitude; enjoying a crowd is an art; and only s/he can relish a debauch of vitality at the expense of the human species, on whom, in his cradle, a fairy has bestowed the love of masks and masquerading, the hate of home and the passion for roaming." Charles Baudelaire,excerpted in Taking a Line for a Walk: Walking as an Aesthetic Practice

"The Map is not the Territory" is a remark by Polish-American scientist and philosopher Alfred Korzybski, encapsulating his view that an abstraction derived from something, or a reaction to it, is not the thing itself, for example, the pain from a stone falling on your foot is not the stone; one's opinion of a politician, favorable or unfavorable, is not that person; and so on. A specific abstraction or reaction does not capture all facets of its source—e.g., the pain in your foot does not convey the internal structure of the stone, you don't know everything that is going on in the life of a politician, etc.—and thus may limit an individual's understanding and cognitive abilities unless the two are distinguished. Korzybski held that many people do confuse maps with territories, in this sense.

The Situationist International and the theory of the dérive (or drift)

Long a favorite practice of the dadaists, who organized a variety of expeditions, and the surrealists, the dérive, or drift, was defined by the situationists as the 'technique of locomotion without a goal', in which 'one or more persons during a certain period drop their usual motives for movement and action, their relations, their work and leisure activities, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there'. The dérive acted as something of a model for the 'playful creation' of all human relationships.

1969: Vito Acconci merges conceptual art, performance, psychology, paranoia and sexuality in Following Piece. Acconci followed selected strangers around the street until they went into a private place. Pieces lasted from a few minutes to several hours.

Richard Long: Walking a Line

acts as a primer on issues which the maps
and essays address: identity, land-use, imprisonment, energy, migration. The contributors define radical cartography as the practice of mapmaking that subverts conventional notions in order to actively promote social change. The object of critique in An Atlas of Radical Cartography is not cartography per se (as is generally meant by the overlapping term critical cartography), but rather social relations. Our criteria for selecting these ten maps emphasized radical inquiry and activist engagement.

Rebecca Solnit and her book Wanderlust: "walking is a mode of making the world as well as being in it," and it allows us to know "the world through the body and the body through the world."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a horoscope worthy of sharing

"Change your password. Take a different way home. Ask a question you've never asked. Dream up a new nickname for yourself. Choose a new lucky number. Change the way you tell the story about an important event in your past. Make it a little more difficult for people to have you pegged. Eat a type of food you've never tried. Do the research necessary to discover why one of your opinions may be wrong. Add a new step to your grooming ritual. Feel appreciation for a person whose charms you've become numb to. Surprise yourself at least once a day."

Monday, October 5, 2009


A giant mechanical spider, part of a piece of free theater by French company La Machine entitled "Les Mecaniques Servants", walks along the waterfront in Liverpool, England on September 5, 2008. The 37-ton spider which stands at 50 feet (15 meters) tall was in Liverpool as part of the city's European capital of culture celebrations.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

one nice thing to do today

Tell someone you love that you love him/her. It's always nice to hear.

Baltimore Design Conversations

Please join us for Design Conversation #12 : BIKES this Thursday evening.

Open discussion on frame building, bicycle design, bicycle infrastructure, bike collectives, bike lanes, and all things cycling. A/V system available for impromptu presentations. Free; cash bar. See attached.

Thursday October 8 2009
The Windup Space - 10 W North Ave @ Charles Street
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

One More - Gaia

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the artist Gaia or who has seen any of these pieces around, but I've seen pictures of these online and never realized that they were so close.  He's posted and painted a number of fantastic pieces right around our school so check them out if you haven't yet.

Here's a sample of some around here, and you can check out his flickr for even more:

This one is so beautiful in person, it's on North Ave, but tucked away behind some buildings a little bit.  They are massive too, you can't tell the scale in the photo.
North Ave

Outside of the Copycat


Do you like Tao Lin? 
He is so great.
If you don't know him, you should look him up.  If you do know him and love him, then you should go to his reading at Atomic Books on Thursday at 7! 

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Once again, I am SO sorry for wasting class time. I just get so excited about cakes & really wanted to share that with you all. So, as promised, here's some more pictures. Most of these I had a hand in, some more so than others.

This one was for an older couple who had met while canoeing & then eloped. They were having a "wedding" party so their family could be there.

Some pretty wedding cakes:

Gay marriage was legalized in Connecticut a year ago. My mom did the celebration "wedding" cake for Love Makes a Family (an organization that was lobbying for legalized gay marriage) when the court decision was announced. The cake was featured in various news sources (including the Washington, DC Blade) & was used as the cover image for Love Makes a Family's book of "gay-friendly" wedding vendors published after the legalization. They just asked her to do another cake for the first anniversary of the court decision & that cake will be featured at the state capitol during press events. The cake below is the first cake we did for a gay marriage.

This picture is a topper from the cake in the picture below. The husband was an artist & designed all the stationary, etc. for the wedding. The design for this cake was an adaptation of his print-based pieces.

Detail from the Westover School cake that I showed you guys Friday. The whole cake is below.

Cake for friends' Jack & Jill party before their wedding this summer.

Cake for a woman who'd just gotten her license to practice some sort of counseling (family?). We thought it would be funny to put Woody Allen on the couch (detail below).

Detail from the lobster cake below. I made a plaster mold of an actual piece of corn & then my mom pressed fondant into it to make the cob.

Farm animal cupcakes.

This was a great order. The little girl wanted a princess in a bikini by a pool, but her mother was trying to be conscious about how damaged a girl's body image/ideal can get, so she specifically requested that the princess not be so "mature" (i.e. Barbie).

"Spooky" birthday cake for the middle of summer. Got to love little kids.

Detail shots from "Autopsy Cake" (full shots are at the bottom). For a CSI fan's birthday. This piece actually went into my AP Art portfolio (I don't think they bought that it was a "relief" in my 2D portfolio, which may have contributed to my really low grade :) )

Getting to Nanaprojects!

Greetings Folks and Would be Stilters and Bone-Band Members.
The Collegetown Shuttle is a good option to get to Nanaprojects. It leaves from Mt. Royal Avenue near the Brown Center and will take you to Loyola College, on Charles Street. From there, you would just need to walk a few blocks west on Cold Spring Lane to Wilmslow!

Friday, October 2, 2009


I just wanted to share two sites that I go to almost daily.

The first is David Horvitz. Basically, he just post ideas for people to do, most of them are quite simple but they make you think.

The second is NotCot. It's a huge site with pages and pages of products, graphic design, and fine art. It super easy to waste away boring hours going through each page, and it also updates daily.

Where Am I?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share the Radiolab episode I mentioned today.  link is here.  I encourage everyone to check out other episodes of Radiolab, too!  It's one of my favorite podcasts/radio shows.

Charm City Expedition

You and a partner will embark on an expedition. Before next Friday, accomplish the mission you received in class. Chart your travels, and bring back evidence from your journey to present to the class. This may take the form of photographs, video, found objects, or other records of your interactions with the place and people you encountered. You will have 10 minutes to talk about and share your experience with the class. Until then, keep your mission secret.

However you choose to share your experience with the class, make sure that you accomplish this one central – and very important task – inform your colleagues about the people and places you encountered on your expedition and provide practical tips on how to reach and access these resources should your colleagues be sufficiently aroused by your reports to set out for them as well.

some goodies of today

Aurel Schmidt
Damon Soule
Allison Schulnik