Saturday, November 21, 2009

Project 3

Part 1: For the last project in the class, choose from one of the following prompts. Whichever one you choose, make it be amazing. Also consider very carefully the way you present it to us, and how that contributes to the way we understand and value it.

a. Re-visit a piece you made in this class, or another. Recreate it, elaborate on it, revise it, make it more complete, make it into a series, address its problems - structural or conceptual.

b. Transform yourself into something you wish to understand.

c. Do something every day for one hour. Bring in the evidence at the end of the time allotted. Start now.

d. You are a nomad, now. Build your transportable sanctuary, your shelter, your collection of most essential objects.

e. Make a piece that cannot exist without the participation of at least three other people.

f. Make a list of all of the materials, subjects or approaches that you have heard discredited here as 'bad', cliche, and overdone. Make a piece that makes that list successful.

g. Combine your new skills with that one idea or project you have been wanting to tackle for a while. Finally make it.

Some of you will present the results on December 11, some on December 18th.


Part 2: Make a non-perishable, transportable, non-fragile object that does not exceed 3x3 inches. The object should be one you are willing to give away, and that in some way captures, compresses, encloses, encodes, or crystallizes some thought, word, moment, image or idea you have been given by someone or some situation in this class over the last few months. It may be simple or profound, 3-dimensional or flat. Do not spend more than 1 hour working on it. But give it one hour of uninterrupted, dedicated time. Wrap it in newsprint (as though it were a piece of gold and you were wrapping in the night sky) and bring it with you on the last day of class.

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