Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Greetings People of the Elements!
Hope you are having a good week. In support of an afternoon of fabulous color talks on Friday, I wanted to send you the following:

Fabulous color talks will:
**be interactive (this may include but is not limited strategies such as games, questions, hands on demonstrations, use of narrative)
**be well researched, including a variety of sources, including at least 3 library sources, as well as internet, media resources, and primary information (such as interviews, field samples and/or collections/specimens)
**be concise, but thorough (10 and 15 minutes in length; not to exceed 15 minutes)
**make use of
high quality visuals
**engage the People of the Elements in learning
**demonstrate planning in the presentation (you have practiced your presentation)

The flow of talks will be as follows:

Marcello - the science of perception
Taylor and Sasha - synesthesia
Meagan - animal coloration and bioluminscence
Xanthe - Outer Space, Color and Wavelengths
Michelle - Chakras and Color Healing
Anna - Color use in Interior Design
Sarah - The Effects of Color in Food
Jazzy - Pink
Emma and Aviva - Color and the Protestant Reformation
Susie - Cochineal
Marlo - Natural Dyes
Emily and Aden - Murex/Tyrian Purple
Jillian - Indigo
Brian - History of Military Camouflage
Adam - Color and Race
Jenni - Korean Color System
Aubrey - Technicolor

for you to bring snacks and drinks to share. Please bring a cup from which to drink, and a plate from which to sup.

Let me know if you have questions. Until Friday! All the best, Valeska

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