Monday, October 4, 2010

Jason Wu

After studying briefly at MICA, I was exposed to all kinds of abstract drawings, illustrations, paintings, and graphic posters. However, it was evident that outfit making was completely outnumbered. Being a future fashion design major, I wanted to shed some light on a very unique type of art - fashion design.
Jason Wu is one of the thousands of wonderful fashion designers that are working for the industry today. His dresses take on much more angular, simplistic shapes and sometimes unusual colors. His dresses have been displayed in many fashion shows, and Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States, wore a Jason Wu dress to the President's inaugural ball. Jason Wu's clothing greatly appeal to me, because of the distinct "Jason Wu taste" that he plants in each piece of clothing that he creates. It has the people looking at the wearer asking "where did that person get her clothes?"

-Jennifer Zhang

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