Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some Inspiration for Everyone :)

Today in class Valeska spoke of Charles LeDray's work. He manipulates fabric into these interesting sculpture-esque figures. Definitely a good source of inspiration for the Object Project in particular. Check him out here:

I'm not sure exactly if everyone got to meet the WONDERFUL Alessandra Torres today, but her work is an amazing source of inspiration for me personally. It's definitely worth a peruse or two, and if you get the chance please read her "Artist's Statement".Dean, I think you would really love her terrarium's! Her work can be found here:

Check out Andy Denzler's work his use of texture and line-making in paintings is amazing. It causes this sort of distorted blurred effect. Cara, your piece in class really reminded me of him so definitely check it out. Here's the Link:

Anyways, I hope everyone has an Enjoyable fall break and Ill see you guys later!


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