Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rubia, Thursday, December 8, 7-9pm Main 110

Greetings All ,
The non profit organization Rubia will be visiting our campus on December 8 to talk about their work with women in Afghanistan.

From their website:

Rubia’s programs address poverty through livelihoods, education, and health.

Named for a red root used to dye yarn, Rubia is creating new traditions in textiles by translating the heritage and skills of Afghan women into sustainable livelihoods.

All aspects of the development and implementation of Rubia’s programs are rooted Afghanistan, using community members at all levels to help build the economy and capacity in their home region.

Embroidery is the heart and soul of traditional Afghan textiles.

Traditionally, embroidery has been women’s handwork, done at home, between domestic chores, to enhance their surroundings. Rubia integrates these traditional elements with the new benefit of earning an income while maintaining fragile elements of their textile heritage: plant dyes, natural fibers, and designs drawn from ancient Afghan tribal patterns.

Sew Don’t Grow

Alternative livelihoods are the key to Afghanistan’s social and economic recovery. Subsistence farmers who had supported their families with poppy cultivation are now seeking other means of economic empowerment. Poppy flowers and other designs embroidered by women in the valley of Darrai Noor provide a legitimate source of income, a new tradition in textiles.

Here is the flyer:

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