Thursday, January 28, 2010

1. The bush between Essentially Shane's Beauty Salon and the parking lot of the apartments next to the commons is often filled with small round birds. They are the exact color of the bush, but the roundness of their little bodies gives them away.

2. The steep slope of the bowl the sculpture building sits in is perfect for lying on and watching the sky. Or just thinking.

3. The plastic tarp covering the skeleton of the building next to the Mt. Royal Light Rail station makes amazing sounds in the wind.

4. Steel cut oatmeal is a lot tastier than normal oatmeal, and is now easier to find than before. OK Natural Foods, though excellent for many other things, never has this in stock. The nearest Whole Foods is a little far, just east of the Inner Harbor, but is reliable. (Or does anyone else know of someplace closer?)

5. Make an easy and transportable snack! Take leftover rice and form into a thin circle about 1/4" thick on a dry frying pan or skillet over medium-high heat. Wait until the rice is crisp and golden-brown on the bottom-- it's important that it has enough time to crisp together and form a crust, so don't touch it too much but to peek under every once in a while. It'll be about 10 minutes, maybe 15 if the rice is especially moist. It'll be ready when the rice smells fragrant and toasty. Sprinkle over a bit of salt and pepper (or seasoning of your choice) and then, slide a spatula under and FLIP! It's ok if it breaks apart a little. You may have to flip it in sections. Cook on the other side until crisp. Now you have toasty panes of rice that are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. Tasty, toasty, easy; take it anywhere. (This is a really ordinary korean snack called nurungji that translates to "scorched rice". Don't actually burn it though.)


  1. life making!

    there's a whole foods in mt. washington. it isn't necessarily closer, but it is incredibly easy to get to. take the light rail towards hunt valley, get off at mt. washington, walk under the underpass along the creek. you'll see the whole foods immediately after the underpass.