Friday, January 28, 2011


Dominic Muren is a lecturer in industrial design at the University of Washington whose work explores techniques and technologies that empower designers to manufacture more products locally. In his lecture, he will explain the framework for low-infrastructure manufacturing he is developing called Humblefacture. He was awarded a 2010 TED Global Fellowship for his work on, an evolving manifesto which argues that by bringing factories down to a local, accessible scale, manufacturing can be made more environmentally, socially and functionally positive.
Muren’s writing explores the interconnections between designed objects, the environment and society. His most recent book, "Green’s Not Black & White: The balanced guide to making eco-decisions," has been reprinted in six languages, he founded the popular industrial design blog and he served a contributing writer for — dubbed “The Green CNN” — for more than five years. In addition to his writing and teaching, Muren is an award-winning industrial designer and principle of The Humblefactory, a design laboratory in Seattle, Wash.

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