Friday, September 9, 2011

Chance Encounters and Visiting Artists!

On Thursday, we were lucky to have two art conservators, Lori Trushheim (on the ladder) and Diane Fullick at work in the Main Building. Lori and Diane were exceptionally gracious in talking with us and letting us learn a little bit about their work. They explained to us that they were removing years of overpainting from the sculpture to reveal the original plaster cast underneath. They also described the educational and professional training required to be certified in their field as 'object conservators,' including art history, studio art construction and fabrication processes, an understanding of materials from metals to wood, and chemistry!

Thank you Lori and Diane!

We were also lucky to have Miranda Pfeiffer, a recent graduate of MICA's Interdisciplinary Sculpture program, join our class as a visiting artist. In addition to sharing her current animation work, Miranda also reflected on how her work changed and evolved over the years, sharing valuable perspectives about her experiences of coming to MICA and growing into the Baltimore arts community.

Thank you Miranda!

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