Friday, September 9, 2011

FINALLY! Group Portraits!

In the first week of class you were asked to respond to this creative problem:

Work together to invent and compose a memorable group portrait. You may use the materials provided to create a carnival cut-out, backdrop, props, costumes, masks, mermaid tails, or additional members of your party! Your approach can be mock-historic, fantastical, or utterly realistic… There is no wrong way to approach this problem. Your only challenge is to invent an image together in one hour that represents and celebrates all of the people in your group.

Here is the amazing array that resulted:

Shorties of Kneeling Humor, Jen, Min-Hee, Michelle and Dan:

Breaking out of the Suburbs: Maggie, Andy, Stephanie and Moon:

Silent Conversation Paper Tribe: Ro-Ro, Prescott, Chris and Sophie

Bonding Chaos of Love in the Atrium: Amanda, Dean, Nicole, Jen and Sarah

Greek Goddesses among the Statues: Gingi, Mariel, Cindy, and Cara

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