Monday, September 21, 2009

Manipulating the Elements


Consider how manipulating the formal elements affects how we see and understand the object. Consider the decisions you have made so far in your response pieces. What variables or formal elements have you experimented with? Consider the works of your fellow artists in the class, the choices they have made and how those choices affected the way we saw their object. Consider the work we looked at in class, the pieces you may have seen in the foundations show, or in your other classes. Review your own experiments over the last few weeks.

Now that you have considered these options, edit and refine your responses yet again, and make 3 more versions of your object. Directly interrogate and investigate the formal elements of your object and how manipulating these affects how we see the work. Remember that each formal decision has many variations. For instance, if you choose scale, you may explore what happens when you re-Present the object to us altered in size, or change the scale of its constituent parts in relationship to each other, etc. (a giant apple or a small apple with a giant stem, or just a giant stem, etc...)

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