Tuesday, September 29, 2009

nothing else on my mind

Hey it's Anna Oh!!!!!!
So if anyone was in my Sculpture class with Kristine Woods, they would know that I totally cried and babbled all over the place when we shared our favorite objects. I lived with my best friend the past year. I think I learned a LOT about living and SHARING by joining a new family. I hope everyone else can one day experience what I did!
When I go home to visit "home"......I have to visit 3 different houses.

my best friends

the moms

me and my little sister

I'm sad to think that a lot of people will never truly appreciate another culture than their own. Don't be afraid to totally immerse yourself in PEOPLE. Not art, not studies. I MEAN PEOPLE. Sometimes we need a break!
My real family wasn't always there for me. But it's ok because I found plenty more. And I am a much better person for it.

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