Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Object

As you proceed with this next part of the project, continue to experiment and play. Consider it as a way to find out all of the options for solving your art problem. "What is it and what will it do?" is still a good question to ask. Some of the questions below, which many of you have already asked of your object, might be helpful (though you may have other questions to ask of your object.) :

what happens when I invent a new use for this object?
what happens when I make it a lot bigger, a lot smaller, a different color, a different texture?
what happens when I make multiples of it and repeat it, repeat it, repeat it?
what happens when I change its proportions? the context we see it in?
what happens when I break it or reconfigure it (either the physical object or a representation of it), when I add stuff to it, or take things away, when I wrap it up or stuff it, cover or drape it?
what happens when I skin it? or mold it? Cast it or capture its shadow?
what happens when I listen to it? when I wear it or it wears me? ... When I give it to someone else or make it disappear? ...
what happens when I take the 2-D piece I made last week (a drawing of an idea) and transform it into 3-D, 4-D?
what happens when I make it into a game? a ritual? a musical?

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