Thursday, February 4, 2010

dear elements II, 

come mid may, i will have two rooms open in my apartment.  my dear roommates are graduating and moving away.  i'm not exactly ready to post an ad or anything, but i just thought i'd throw it out there.  i'd rather not have to find summer subleters, so this will only work if you plan on staying around for the summer (for now/until we get desperate).  you would be living with myself, my boyfriend, and a cat.  also four toads, one frog, and six newts.  rent is reasonable.  heat is included.  we have wood floors and tall ceilings and a gas stove.  and we only share one wall with one other apartment.  and we are nice.  and i'd let you borrow my sewing machine any time.

feel free to pass this along if you know someone kind and not crazy who might be interested.  my e-mail is


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