Saturday, February 20, 2010

i think this is my story

I know my visual for critical inquiry was a bit confusing and textheavy, but I think if you take the time to read the translations they can be really beautiful! Jazzy and I thought they'd be nice to post here to the blog in case anyone has any spare time/was interested.
This is the most heavily translated one that took about four hours; if anyone is interested I can post the other two, they're longer, but have some amazing sentences every now and again, just like this one.

"The aim of the theory and evidence.

This book is the view of life - you will find the latest news and media protection. Jonasansafuranfoa. Gross income from other sources - Gay stories, and the developer tools, remote opening typfaces injuries in Norway. Darwin and Brazil, the situation now, we have a party.

Theory and life together. Geonhaji games. Hard Candy. If the general principles and procedures, books and video records. Global challenges in life. But the happiness of God - the truth - the next time you start to think about change, I love you. But I think this is my story. I Fri Firstly, we know that this is really a partner, I am afraid that the world is fine.

If the wall is more than 400? Enough Batman Wall Jokasuperusano al. Course (1000 words - Do not You) I, ah I know the original. Think about it. Warriors - hard head (and the comedy, family) to work abroad. If a gun. () The theater is the second generation of the forum (if it is death, death) cases. The philosophy, language, tags to identify the companies. I think this version.

Non-life. Syeonyida energy and natural disasters, health, non-transparent, and all the same Taal '€ ... Wow, I can not use most of the time to understand others. In other words, this means that - yes, I'm fine."

ruv, x

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  1. "the next time you start to think about change, I love you."

    thank you xanthe &jazzy