Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed Out: Important Message

Greetings my dear People of the Elements,

Another Friday and no class.

I hope that you have had memorable moments this week with friends and perhaps on your own enjoying this immense snowfall!

It is significant that we will have missed two weeks of classes, and that we have a visit from Student Activities and Foundation Advising scheduled for next week. Thus, some major revisions of the syllabus have had to occur. I am sending you the revised schedule as an attachment to an email. Please review it.


1. CHROMOPHOBIA: Please finish reading it.

2. COLOR TALKS: Please be ready to declare your color talk topic of choice next week. And make sure you have researched any and all that interest you (and see if they led you to any phenomena of color talks not already on the list!)

3. JOURNALS: You should have those 5 pages I asked you to generate that first week of class Hopefully you have added to them on your own volition since then. PLEASE BRING THESE PAGES TO CLASS WITH YOU next week, ready to leave them with me!

Beyond the sketches and random thoughts that may accumulate in a journal, I would like you to see this series of pages as a record of your thinking process as an artist - a place to record what you are interested in, fascinated or inspired by. Record your research here: images you use as a reference in your work (not just in Elements, but in your art making in general), articles you may have read that affect your thinking about what you are making, or objects/materials you find that cause a spark in your thinking. Reflect on what you are making in your classes, and if you can draw any connections (thematic, materially, process etc.). This kind of journaling is going to be critical to the Visual Verbal Journey and independent project during Part 2 of this semester.

Take care and let me know if you have questions.

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