Saturday, April 17, 2010

some embroidery blogs you may be interested in following:

hand embroidery network


embroidery as art -- this is jenny hart's blog. she does those fancy portraits of famous people and started sublime stitching. she was featured in the handmade nation documentary and i sent some images of her work to everyone a while back.

also you can stream all old episodes of this american life here:

and, radiolab is another really great podcast. this american life the recent episode called "limits" is really really wonderful.

in other news: I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO WRITE OUT DIRECTIONS TO ROBERT E LEE. will you remember to ask me in person and i will draw you a map? basically, you take the light rail towards hunt valley. get off at falls road. walk through the parking lot on your right, walk under falls road but above the creek, make a left when you see the sign for the park. walk straight through. go on a weekend and don't mind the orange barricades that say the park is closed and not to trespass.

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