Sunday, September 26, 2010


We traveled to Philadelphia on Saturday to visit a number of cultural organizations and institutions. Photos from our visit follow:

Liza Goodell, Spiral Q's Production Manager, talking to our group in the museum.

A wall of supplies in the Spiral Q workshop.

Jen takes a turn as a stealth bomber, in the Spiral Q warehouse.
Liza shows us around the Spiral Q warehouse.

Puppets in the Spiral Q warehouse (above and below)
Brittany, one of our excellent tour guides at the Fabric Workshop, showing us around the silkscreen studios.
Kerry, our other fabulous FW tourguide explaining the apprenticeship program to our class.

Stripes. Stripes. Stripes. Erin, Cornelia, and a few friends from Philly in front of the Temporary Contemporary.

Karen hangs up her Fundred Dollar bill.

Lindsay at work on her 'mint'.

Working on Mel Chin's Fundred Dollar Bill project at the Temporary Contemporary.

Brittany and Kerry, standing in front of the wall of fundred dollar bills created in Philadelphia or sent in to the project site at the Fabric Workshop.

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