Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trisha Brookbank

Vermes Fluid
Polyurethane Foam, Epoxy Resin, Wood, & Acrylic Lacquer
5'5" x 8" x 4'

Trisha Brookbank got her BFA in Syracuse University and is currently living in Miami, Florida. Her work is divided into separate bodies of work and in each body of work she explores and expands different ideas and concepts.The piece above is part of her "Hybrids" series, this series contain Sculptures, Gestures, Drawings, and Installations; She developed in over the course of three years.

As you guys MIGHT have noticed i am very inspired by people around me and people I interact with regularly, I was lucky enough to be part of the only class she taught, which was in my high school. While in her class we didnt always see eye to eye, in fact she horrified me with just the way she critiqued (say punch, sit on, or throw sculptures to 'test' that they were constructed properly) but i do feel i've learned a lot from her. i actually found her work a year after her class and was just amazed by it, especially her "hybrids" series. The image above is actually the first piece i saw and i stumbled on it in a gallery not knowing she would be in the show. Now I find her work very inspiring and often look at it when im stuck on projects.

Sofia Schiano

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