Saturday, October 3, 2009


Once again, I am SO sorry for wasting class time. I just get so excited about cakes & really wanted to share that with you all. So, as promised, here's some more pictures. Most of these I had a hand in, some more so than others.

This one was for an older couple who had met while canoeing & then eloped. They were having a "wedding" party so their family could be there.

Some pretty wedding cakes:

Gay marriage was legalized in Connecticut a year ago. My mom did the celebration "wedding" cake for Love Makes a Family (an organization that was lobbying for legalized gay marriage) when the court decision was announced. The cake was featured in various news sources (including the Washington, DC Blade) & was used as the cover image for Love Makes a Family's book of "gay-friendly" wedding vendors published after the legalization. They just asked her to do another cake for the first anniversary of the court decision & that cake will be featured at the state capitol during press events. The cake below is the first cake we did for a gay marriage.

This picture is a topper from the cake in the picture below. The husband was an artist & designed all the stationary, etc. for the wedding. The design for this cake was an adaptation of his print-based pieces.

Detail from the Westover School cake that I showed you guys Friday. The whole cake is below.

Cake for friends' Jack & Jill party before their wedding this summer.

Cake for a woman who'd just gotten her license to practice some sort of counseling (family?). We thought it would be funny to put Woody Allen on the couch (detail below).

Detail from the lobster cake below. I made a plaster mold of an actual piece of corn & then my mom pressed fondant into it to make the cob.

Farm animal cupcakes.

This was a great order. The little girl wanted a princess in a bikini by a pool, but her mother was trying to be conscious about how damaged a girl's body image/ideal can get, so she specifically requested that the princess not be so "mature" (i.e. Barbie).

"Spooky" birthday cake for the middle of summer. Got to love little kids.

Detail shots from "Autopsy Cake" (full shots are at the bottom). For a CSI fan's birthday. This piece actually went into my AP Art portfolio (I don't think they bought that it was a "relief" in my 2D portfolio, which may have contributed to my really low grade :) )

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