Thursday, October 1, 2009

Great Halloween Lantern Parade! YES!!!

If you are interested in getting involved in some amazing community art and celebration making, read on!

Nanaprojects (creators of the annual fantastical Great Halloween Lantern Parade), will be having a variety of workshops in the next few weeks, free and open to the public (that's YOU!)

BEGINNING STILTWALKING sessions will be held:
Oct 3 1-3
Oct 7 6-8
Oct 10 1-3
Oct 14 6-8

It is best to attend all the sessions. If you are interested in having a pair of custom stilts, they will be available for $35 (a steal!). Nanaprojects is located at 4504 Wilmslow Road, off of Cold Spring Lane. About a 10 minute drive from MICA, and about 20 minutes by bike.

Make musical instruments out of junk! Then play them in the parade!
Construction workshop: Sunday, October 4th 2-4pm
Bone Band rehearsal: Wednesday, October 14th 6-8 pm

To register, call 443-919-6980 or email

Also !!! If you want to see the most amazing and inspiring community event, come to the PARADE itself on Saturday, October 24th! Thousands of people, lanterns, stiltwalkers giant puppets and floats, a live shadow projection with live music all outside! You will go absolutely goo-goo, ga-ga! A shuttle will be leaving from outside of the Meyerhoff at 5:45 at get back to MICA at 9:30 that night. Sign up outside of student activities!


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