Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Glitterama! This Saturday!

The King of Kitsch, your well-greased host, Greggy Glitterati, brings you both the beauteous and the nutty in an evening of wonderment. The luscious Lena Grove of Gilded Lily. The titillating boylesque of Paco Fish. The socially-conscious puppetry of Sibelius and The Cause Company. Comedic burlesque babe, Ms. Shortstax. The death-defying trapeze of Nicollete Le Fay. Ms Malibu, the fiery mistress of Tiny Hats! The Living Balloons of the immaculate Poptarts! And laying the beats beneath the bumps, DJ Wachsentush!

2 Shows! 7 & 10pm.
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Sat Oct 17 2 Shows! 7 & 10pm.
$12, $10 mbrs. adv tix sug.

Michael Bell-Smith

Wednesday, October 21st

Falvey Hall, Brown Center


Michael Bell-Smith’s minimal computer animations present, abstracted forms, celestial bodies and vast endless cityscapes that flow across the screen like the backdrops of early arcade games. With a nod towards art-historical developments in painting (perspectival systems) and cinema (the tracking shot, motion control systems), Bell-Smith applies the austere logic of digital media to landscape representation with starkly different effect. Where these early special effects were employed most often to render a world in accord with our senses, Bell-Smith’s work is pared down to a point where the basic contemporary languages of computer graphics and urban planning intersect, resulting in an image of a world where the familiar becomes alien.

Michael Bell-Smith’s lecture is presented by MICA’s Video and Film Arts Department.

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