Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Great Handcar Regatta

The Great Handcar Regatta is an annual festival in Santa Rosa, California (my hometown) that my friend, Spring Maxfield along with some other great people I do not know the names of, founded in 2008. Basically, people in the community (groups or individuals) work all summer to build a handcar. The actual festival takes place at the end of September, with several different categories for them to compete in. Here's a list of some of the awards from last year:

Unrivaled Speed
Most Grandiose Feat of Engineering
Darling Award (chosen by one of my favorite little kid's in the world, Spring's daughter, Djuna)
Most Likely to Destruct Spectacularly

There's also a craft fair and live music at the Regatta. The event is free and lasts all day. Many people come in costumes.

here's my friend Neil and his team working on their handcar, "Thennagin Bomber"

here they are the day of the race:

their competitors:

here are some pictures of Spring's husband, Todd's railbike, "Two Penny"

that picture was taken in May! People really do work all summer long.

testing it out:

regatta day

Todd's bike from last year:

team working on "The Lumbering Contraption" in Oakland, California

more photos

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