Saturday, October 10, 2009

FOOD NOT BOMBS and other associated things.

Hello elements of visual thinking, i just had a life changing/ super inspirational moment last night and feel very compelled to share it with you. At OK Natural health food store i pumped into a man who was buying twenty pounds of tofu and 4 pounds of tahini, he introduced himself as Keith McHenery, the founder of Food Not Bombs. If you do not know Food not Bombs let me inform you it is the fastest growing peaceful revolutionary movement in North America it has a more than a thousand independently run Food not Bomb chapters throughout the world. The goal or mission of the organization is to use dumped or donated food to cook vegetarian and vegan meals which in turn are served to the homeless and needy. It is amazing but for some reason the government is against handing out Food to homeless people, so this peaceful organization is on americas Terrorists watch, Keith Mchenrey, the founder has over 50 felonies and all he has done is serve free food to people around the world, he is actually on Americas top 100 terrorist list. The organization has expanded to create bikes not bombs, homes not jails, and lawns not bombs. The founder spoke at Red Emmas' last night. If you want any more information about the baltimore food not bombs or the organization its self please contact me at


  1. that's really interesting, especially considering that the homeless shelters of our country are overburdened. you'd think that the government would be happy for the help, but this just goes to illustrate the underlying continuance of the rad scare.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Elements Member! Food not Bombs is an amazing network!!!