Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unidentified Deep Ocean Sounds

More and more I have been thinking that if hadn't gone to art school I would study zoology. With that, probably marine biology or something but I love learning about anything that has to do with animals. A few years ago my friend showed me this website and I have recently re-found it and think that it is incredibly fascinating.

We (scientists) know more about space then we do our own ocean. It's so cool to think that there are so many undiscovered things that are dwelling deep beneath the surface of the water. Some of which may be completely unfathomable to our current notion of deep sea creatures. This website gives evidence of 6 possible creatures that have been recorded via autonomous hydrophones which have been stationed in the eastern equatorial Pacific. The sounds recorded are of incredibly seismic proportions that the creatures that they might belong to are probably bigger then any animal that we know at this point in time.

Happy Listening

-Jenn Kim

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