Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pinar Yolacan

so, me and my roomate stumbled upon this artist and went crazy, we are currently drying chicken skin as a result of his amazing work. she considers herself a photographer since the things she makes are mostly perishable so its mostly a method for documentation, not only that but there is a clear choice in models and compositional set up. She essencially makes clothing partially out of raw meat (but this isn't your typical gaga meat dress!). she was born in turkey (haha ok sorry but raw meat? turkey?) and studied fashion in london and new york. Its kind of awesome how she got the models (craigslist!) and the fact that she designed for them.

i thought since we have so many fashion/fiber/sculpture majors in the class most of you would appreciate it :)

anyway here is a short and cute interview that actually gives a nice glimpse into her process

and the link to her actual website

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