Sunday, February 6, 2011

Qinnford & Scout

I found these photos on a uk art blog that I can't find again and I stupidly forgot to write the artists name down when I saved them from the blog. but I'll keep searching for the blog and artists name and then edit this post but I was really really inspired by them and just found them really beautiful. I prefer the first, less focused photo more than the second one. The pure light is really refreshing. The framing of the photo, from the perspective of the photographer while still including himself as part of the photo, through the legs is really striking to me. I think there are a lot of pornographic images of sexual intimacy but not that many that are honest and beautiful. The imagery in these photos are not crude but excerpts from honest experiences. I feel withdrawn from the world and people sometimes just from the nature of our society. I'm constantly searching for honest, real human relations ( sexual, platonic) in art and real life. I think it's something that, from my stand point and personal experiences is something the world lacks. So when I find photographs of little moments of truth, or experience little moments of truth in my own life, they really inspire me and I draw on them. Another artist who i like who borders the lines between pornography and art is Travis Mathews (

Artist info coming soon


Artists: quinnford & scout ( via tourist magazine (

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