Sunday, February 6, 2011

Philadelphia's Magic Garden!

When I was in Philly this weekend, my friend who goes to school there showed me this REALLY cool sculpture space. It's an entirely mosaic-ed system of tunnels and walkways in a tiny space between two buildings. The coolest part is that most/all of the things covering the walls are found objects, like empty bottles, bike wheels, and old furniture!
The artist, Isaiah Zagar, does tons of murals like it all over the city! It was amazing to just be walking down a street then see some giant gorgeous mosaic on the side of an old building!

Check out his website :)

-Erin Lanagan

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  1. you should look at the st louis city museum. its a converted shoe factory full of crawl spaces and an outdoor tree house with two full sized air planes, as well as a farris wheel and bus on the top of the building. the sites pictures really dont do it it justice, but a flickr search may yield better results