Sunday, February 27, 2011

Current Gallery / Call for Work

The average American makes two trips to buy groceries each week, making supermarkets, mini-marts, and corner stores essential and incredibly influential parts of our everyday lives. All items are bought and sold at these stores using money. Money is earned through labor, and labor comes in countless different packages, much like our food. Through our labor we are inspired and we are exploited. We progress and we are repressed. We survive.

Art is created through labor, but unlike some of the more negative forms labor takes, art stimulates our minds, challenges our imaginations, and expands our vision for the world. Art is at the center of humanity’s continuous evolution, but it remains extraordinarily undervalued by mainstream American society, which is almost solely focused on the seemingly endless cycle of labor and consumption. This limited view of life is slowly eliminating our ability to imagine, dream, and think freely.

Through C A R T, Current Gallery is positing that art is not optional, but essential. It affects all of us internally, whether we are aware of it or not, and it should therefore be considered as fundamental to our daily lives as the products we purchase at grocery stores every week. Therefore, Current Space will be transformed into a fully functional mini-supermarket, complete with aisles, window displays, shopping baskets, and cash registers in an attempt to explore the exchange of artists’ labor for profit in a familiar, everyday setting.

We are accepting proposals of products in all formats to serve as merchandise in the store that either creatively mimics a product that already exists, or to create a new product. Proposals should include clear statements regarding format of work, quantity, type of packaging to be used, and estimated cost to “consumers.” Artists should keep in mind that it is our intention for the work in the show to be affordable, and should therefore be priced accordingly.

Examples: Items in check out lane, i.e. magazines, candy, drinks, produce section, Dry foods (real or not real), toy and supply isle, Medicine.


Please email: with the following:
- Contact- Name(s), number, email, andress, and website(optional)
- Statement/Description
- Resume (optional)
- Work samples

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