Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chelsea Galleries

On saturday I went to the chelsea galleries in New York city
They blew my mind.
I didn't even know these galleries existed- but once you know what you're looking for and where you're going they're basically every other door. It was remarkable.
I saw some really amazing work-
it was hard to get good pictures of the pieces- but here are some of my favorites
These are swans. Made of thread and plaster cast hands. And ears. Seriously.

And this was this cone-like sculpture made of tiny white stones. And a man (the artist? there was literally no information available in the gallery, not even the name of the artist- I had to look him up online) lay on the ground in front of it- and every few minutes would rise to his knees and shuffle a few steps and lay back down. What was particularly amazing was how the people in the room reacted. How everyone fell silent when he began to move. I found myself taking more pictures of the people around the space interacted with it than the sculpture itself.

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