Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pamela Johnson

Pamela Johnson is a photo-realistic painter capturing overindulgence, mass-production, and mass-consumption in our American culture through the most recognizable objects in our households today. Her style is precise and powerful, capturing objects like M&Ms and Ramen noodles post consumption, in hopes that the viewer sees a reflection of him or herself.

PB&J / 30"x36" / oil on canvas / 2010

CUP NOODLE / 20"x20" / oil on canvas / 2010

ENTENMANNS / 24"x24" / oil on canvas / 2009

At times, I'm on the fence about super photo-realistic paintings versus photography, but Johnson's intention is evident through her concept, which makes these pieces like genre art as well. Although I didn't entirely grow up around the "PB&J" American lifestyle growing up, seeing these still lifes reflect on the product and relate to as a member of American society. Place in an intimate and isolated setting and simply laying in a black background, I start to think who used this and left it there. These still lifes can also feel like portraits of the consumer. She is going on my "artist family tree"!
-Jenny A.

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