Monday, March 7, 2011


If you've ever been walking around Manhattan and seen a long trail of a paint line along the sidewalks and streets, now you can tell people that it's actually part of what is the largest tag in New York City!

NYC-based artist, MOMO, accomplished this task by fixing 5 gallon paint buckets to the back of his bike, poking a hole in the bottom of the containers, and riding though the West Village, SoHo, Greenwich Village, East Village, and Alphabet City. It appears that this all happened in 2006, which means that some parts of the line have been covered up with roadwork and redone sidewalks, but most of the line is still visible.
It's amazing how massive this tag is, when usually, graffiti artists try to either cover a small area quickly or a large wall with a lot of color. It can’t all be viewed at once, which means that thousands of people will walk on it each day and never even notice it. It’s simultaneously the biggest and smallest statement this artist can make.
- Jenny A.

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