Sunday, March 6, 2011

Journal Response Week 8

Look over your journal reflections/responses. What themes/motifs emerge from your weeks of the journal reflections/responses?

Isolate these.
Identify these.
List or write about them on one of the pages in your journal.

it might be an interest in particular traditions - rites of passage, traditional headdresses worn by women in various cultures around the world.

it might be an interest in particular forms - found in nature, mimicked by artists and architects...

it might be a way of working -  creating tactile surfaces through layering of various materials, cutting paper,  building (or destroying) a surface through the repetition of an action....

On the page facing this list of emergent themes/motifs, make a list of what you need to do to deepen your understanding, or to move towards the next phase of your independent work. What do you need to learn/do/research/look at next? This may include visiting/meeting other MICA students' studios, or an exhibition in the city, or getting certain materials to experiment with, or a trip to a particular location, or time spent getting more comfortable with video equipment, or building a headdress form. Fill this page with writing, sketches and images related to this list.

NEXT Page: Make a list of possibilities of what form your independent project could entail. Dream on the page. Include what you might think is unfeasible. Also include the most concrete projects you are considering.

THEN: Start experimenting with one project idea. Move outside of your sketchbook. Start making (or finding) material samples, mock ups or models if appropriate. Keep these in a show box, if they do not easily fit into your journal. These materials and and your journal pages are essential to indicate that you are ready to undertake the independent project.

Keep filling in your family tree...who are your kin? who is part of your art tribe?

START working on your color project. Bring work in progress (and your journal/all of the above) to class on Monday, March 21.

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